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Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) aims to ensure that any child entering the alpine ski racing system is provided with the necessary building blocks to reach the highest level of achievement in our sport.

The LTAD (long term athlete development), formerly referred to as the AIM 2 WIN guide, was developed by Alpine Canada as a long-term skier development plan for coaches, managers, administrators, parents, teachers and volunteers. The plan breaks down development into seven stages and provides training strategies and progressions for future elite athletes. The LTAD should be used by all clubs across the country as a pathway to success for young skiers.

As part of the revisions to the organization’s Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway, Alpine Canada has created a stand-alone LTAD web site that provides a one-stop resource for all aspects of athlete development – from recreational racers to those working towards national team goals.

Source: https://www.alpineontario.ca/ltad/

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