NewsSki Racing Update (September 20th)

September 24, 2020by NBSRC

Hello Everyone,

A few things:

1 – Dryland training.   Dryland will being this Thursday Sept 24 at 6 PM.

Location:  the Base.   Track / soccer field.

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Notes from Coach Jenna:

  • please dress warm
  • bring a mask.  Not required for all activities, but will be required when in closer proximity.
  • equipment:  skipping rope, towel, step bench (you can get them from dollar store), soccer ball, medicine ball (if you have one or access to one!)

2 – Season Registration is now open!   The website has been updated, so you can now register.   This is a requirement for attending dryland training.   You don’t need to pay your fees until November, but please make sure to fill out the form and submit it for any athletes attending dryland.


3 – Ski Exchange.   The ski exchange is a GO!  We have secured the same great vendor as last year and also the fur harvesters building.  Please save the date for this as we need all hands on deck.

Drop off – Friday Nov 13,  The exchange – Saturday Nov 14.   More info to come on this…


4 – Safe Return to Sport.  Alpine Ontario / Canada have been working on Safe Return to Sport procedures / policies.  We plan on following this very closely.  Again – more info will be coming on this.   AOA has some info posted on their web site:


5 – What will this season look like?  Well – we honestly don’t have all the details yet.  As we find out more info, we will pass it on.  I have been in contact with both Laurentian and Antoine and Duncan and Alan are attending the NOD monthly meetings.   From what I know now – both hills are planning to open.   As we get into October – I am expecting much more concrete information to be released regarding numbers allowed at ski hills, potential for races and travel, etc.  If anyone has any specific questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Bryan (on behalf of the board)

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